Coronavirus Health & Safety Protocols

Aero-Environmental Consulting is a national provider of integrated environmental consulting and engineering services. Aero-Environmental is currently providing Coronavirus consulting services to clients, which include safety planning, exposure pathway assessments; cleaning protocol development and disinfection oversight for multiple clients at over 20 ...
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/ Infection Control

Asbestos can be everywhere, so create a remediation plan

Aging institutional and commercial facilities continue to present trouble for occupants, visitors, administrators, and facilities professionals. They produce a host of liabilities to everyone that enters to work, live, learn, or consume services at a given facility. Asbestos is more ...
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California blood lead law requires Cal/OSHA notice

California’s Department of Public Health must notify the state’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) when a worker’s blood lead level tests at or above 20 micrograms per deciliter (µg/dL) under a new state law. CDPH now has the ...
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/ Lead Exposure

Safety Training Records: Requirements and Recommendations

Detailed recordkeeping is an essential aspect of any compliant training program. In addition to simplifying tracking, documenting your training can assist in determining when refresher or annual training is needed. Plus, training records are sure to be reviewed during an ...
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/ Safety Training

Inhalation Hazard Protection for 5 Million Workers

Respiratory protection rounded out the top five OSHA most frequently cited violations of fiscal year 2019. The top 10 list is released every year, and respiratory protection makes frequent appearances. OSHA reported 2,450 violations adding up to $1.5 million in ...
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/ Respiratory Protection

OSHA moving forward with Obama-era beryllium rules

On September 30, OSHA withdrew its proposal to revoke the ancillary provisions of the construction and shipyard beryllium standards. The permissible exposure limit (PEL) and short-term exposure limit (STEL) already have gone into effect, and the agency will implement the ...
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/ Industrial Hygiene

The lead-pipe danger lurking underground

Households across the country may be at risk of drinking lead-tainted water as lead pipes age underground and municipalities struggle to balance high replacement costs with a slew of other urgent infrastructure projects. Why it matters: Exposure to any amount ...
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/ Hazardous Materials

Mandatory Disclosure of Environmental Hazards

Industrial production can lead to pollution of the environment without the knowledge of those who are affected. For example, unsustainable agricultural methods can cause long-term harm to the soil and land, adversely impacting the local community without their consent or ...
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/ Environmental Due Diligence

Hidden Dangers Causing Respiratory Illnesses

Protecting workers from inhalation hazards has been a concern for more than 2,000 years. As far back as the first century, miners used animal bladder skins to protect themselves from inhaling toxic dust. In the present day, protecting workers from ...
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/ Industrial Hygiene

Emergency Response Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

The time is now! Plan for how your facility will conduct emergency response industrial hygiene (IH) monitoring. What should you be looking for in a provider of this service? Because of the unique challenges surrounding emergency response IH monitoring, choose ...
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