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World-Class Environmental Safety and Industrial Hygiene Consulting Throughout California and Around the Globe




Jorge Vizcaino



Mr. Vizcaino is a Certified Asbestos Consultant (CAC) and Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH). He has over 15 years of experience in Industrial Hygiene Safety, Hazardous Material Assessments, Indoor Air Quality. He is an active member of the American Industrial Hygiene Association.

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Litigations Support


Jorge Vizcaino has over 10 years of experience working with the legal industry. His services are available to attorneys representing Plaintiff and Defense. Mr. Vizcaino has testified in the Monterey County and Santa Clara Superior courts approximately 20 times.


Areas of Expertise

  • OSHA & Regulatory Compliance
  • Industrial Hygiene Testing
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments
  • LEED Certification
  • Asbestos Testing
  • Lead Assessments
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Mold and Fungus Inspections
  • Infrared Thermal Inspections
  • Insurance Claims Technical Support




Mr. Vizcaino is experienced in the completion of Phase I environmental site assessments including site reconnaissance, Phase II sub-surface site investigations, public record searches, personal interviews, aerial photograph review and report preparation. He also performs asbestos and mold/bacteria surveys as well as serving as regulatory agency liaison for his clients.

Mr. Vizcaino also has extensive experience with biological, chemical and natural resource issues. This experience includes management of closed and open water aqua cultural systems (abalone and shrimp farming systems) and water quality; threatened species/wetland research; natural area conservation projects; coral reef ecosystem studies; terrestrial ecosystem studies; hazardous waste management, and chemical analyses utilizing Distillation Equipment, Gas Chromatograph, and Titration Analyses.

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