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World-Class Environmental Safety and Industrial Hygiene Consulting Throughout California and Around the Globe

Frequently Asked

Why hire Aero-Environmental Consulting?
• Aero-Environmental is staffed with independent, experienced, qualified Environmental Consultants, upholding the highest industry standards, using state-of-the-art equipment and understanding the importance of timely results.
• With years of experience in manufacturing, office, university, hospital and residential settings, Aero Environmental Consutling can provide solutions to the occupational health and safety needs of employers. Whether you require a comprehensive evaluation or basic testing, the staff at Aero-Environmental can fulfill your needs.


What is Industrial Hygiene?
• Industrial Hygiene is the science devoted to the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of environmental factors in the workplace, which may cause sickness, impaired health or significant discomfort among workers or people in the non-workplace locations.


Why hire a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)?
• This professional certification is attained by persons with at least a bachelor's degree in a related discipline, a minimum of 5 years of relevant experience and successful completion of rigorous written examinations. 

What questions should I ask when I am looking for a Certified Industrial Hygienist?
• How many years of experience do you have? - should be at least 5 years
• Are you certified? And who is the certification agency?
• What services do you provide? - should be at least qualified to test for asbestos and mold
• How many samples do you take? - should be at least 3, 2 indoor samples and 1 outdoor
• Do you send the samples to an independent lab? - important so that you get completely unbiased, accurate assessment of your problem.


Why hire a an enviromental consultatnt to perform air testing?
• You want an independent, third-party, certified environmental consultant that specializes in mold and has no vested interest in whether furtherwork is performed.
• It is also important that an independent lab and consultant test and evaluate the site in question so that you get a completely unbiased, accurate assessment of your problem.


When do I need an asbestos survey?
• Renovating or tearing down a structure
• Concerned about the potential disturbance of asbestos
• Purchasing a property to verify the amount of asbestos present


Where is asbestos normally found?
• Asbestos is normally found in homes built prior to 1981. But still can be found in homes built today in materials such as: floor tile, mastic, dry wall, acoustical popcorn ceiling, insulation materials, and pipes.


What can happen if I ignore my water damage problem?
• Mold or bacteria growth can start or continue causing severe structural and/or health problems


Why should I get a mold inspection?
• Have you had water damage?
• Do you or does any one in your family suffer from respiratory problems, allergies, asthma, sinusitis, dermatitis?
• Does the area smell musty is it damp?
• Is there condensation around the windows?

When do you use the infrared thermal camera?
• If water damage and moisture intrusion are suspected, the infrared camera is a very valuable tool. It helps us accurately determine the origin and path of the moisture, which can otherwise be very difficult to identify.

What questions should I ask when I am looking for a certified remediation contractor?
• Are you registered and certified to do mold/asbestos remediation in the state of California?
• Request at least three references.
• We recommend that you get at least three price quotes.

What are some of the dangers of not hiring a certified remediation contractor?
• If you don’t work with a certified professional, your problems could get worse not better, causing more damage and increased cost, liability, and health risks.

Do you do remediation? Can you recommend a certified remediation contractor?
• We do not do remediation, as we believe that would constitute a serious conflict of interest.
• We work with certified, professional local contractors that specialize in water damage, mold remediation and asbestos removal.

What experience and qualifications are required to become a Registered Environmental Assessor?
• To become a Registered Environmental Assessor a person needs 10 years of experience in an Environmental Management Field.

What do your professional fees cover?
• Consulting costs: All Aero-Environmental consultants are professionals - certified environmental inspectors, and asbestos consultants.
• Lab samples and cost: We take enough samples to provide you with a reliable result and use only certified, independent labs.
• State of the art equipment: We use the latest, effective equipment, including the Infrared Thermal Camera and air pumps.

What kind of insurance do you have? Are you licensed and bonded?
• We maintain professional Errors & Omissions insurance, general liability and workers comp.