Aero-Environmental Consulting: Keeping Your Facility Compliant, Keeping Your People Healthy & Safe

Manufacturing facilities generate a higher rate of exposures than what is found in homes or offices due to the chemicals used and the byproducts of welding, grinding, painting, etc. Ventilation can be a unique challenge in manufacturing plants, requiring regular monitoring and annual evaluations. Protecting employees from chemical exposure, heat stress, noise issues and other manufacturing-related challenges helps to ensure a safe, productive team and a more efficient, profitable operation.

When you engage Aero-Environmental to serve your manufacturing facilities, you benefit from our extensive field experience and technical expertise in this unique sector. We understand the variety and complexity of environmental health and safety issues that can impact your people, your plant and your profits – and we know how to resolve them in a practical, cost-effective way that protects you against liability, fines, and lost productivity.

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