In the demanding, productivity-driven environment of the mining industry, Aero-Environmental Consulting,  offers cost-effective and value-added business solutions, that anticipate, prevent, and manage health and safety hazards and their associated risks.  Our staff possesses the requisite knowledge and expertise for properly conducting mine safety inspections and hazard assessments for the specific processes inherent to mining operations.

Environmentally Regulated Materials

Hazardous Materials Surveys (Asbestos, Lead, PCB’s, Universal Waste) 
Specification Design
Contract Bid Assistance
Abatement Oversight and Closure Reporting
Operations & Maintenance Programs, Design & Maintenance
Awareness Training
Emergency Response 

Industrial Hygiene

Metals, Silica, airborne particulates, diesel particulate matter, organic solvents
Job Hazard Analysis
Activity Hazard Analysis
Chemical Exposure Monitoring
Noise / Vibration


Safety & Training

In-Class Asbestos / Lead / Microbial Awareness Training
EH&S Compliance Training
Development of Written Safety Plans
Safety Oversight

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