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We are here to help you. Our teams deliver experience and professionalism that can save you time and money, while meeting your unique project needs. With professionals experienced in environmental, geotechnical, and materials consulting services across all facets of the oil and gas industry, we are in every part of the process – upstream, downstream, and in between. Our project experience includes exploration and production, transmission, processing and storage, and downstream refining and distribution. From the environmental compliance of a single production location or processing facility, to engineering design and construction inspection of a new world-class refinery, we understand the evolving and emerging business issues affecting the operators of oil and gas industry assets.

The following specialty services are routinely performed by our upstream team:


Produced water impacted soil remediation
Crude oil and refined products spill response and incident management
Natural/cultural resource management/threatened and endangered species assessments
Regulatory compliance (Spill Prevention Control Containment(SPCC), Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), Air Quality, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) )
OSHA and MSHA compliance evaluations and auditing

Environmentally Regulated Materials

Hazardous Materials Surveys (Asbestos, Lead, PCB’s, Universal Waste)
Specification Design
Abatement Oversight and Closure Reporting
Awareness Training
Emergency Response

Moisture & Microbial Intrusion

Moisture Intrusion & Microbial Response Investigations
Remediation Oversight
Microbial Worker/Supervisor Training
Emergency Response

Industrial Hygiene

Indoor Air Quality Investigations
Chemical Exposure Monitoring
Noise Assessments 

Safety & Training

In-Class Asbestos / Lead / Microbial Awareness Training
Internet-Based EH&S Compliance Training
Development of Written Safety Plans
Safety Oversight

Environmental Compliance

Environmental Permitting & Compliance

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