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World-Class Environmental Safety and Industrial Hygiene Consulting Throughout California and Around the Globe

Insurance Claims 
Technical Support

Our environmental professionals provide commercial casualty insurance carriers, adjustors, brokers and agents with a wide range of technical support services in claims resolution. Our emphasis is to provide a prompt technical service, presenting concise and accurate findings that can help reduce liability, substantiate claims, provide expert witness tesimony or help reduce the loss to the insurance carrier.

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Aero-Environmental understands that time is essential in responding to a claim and so we offer a 24 hour emergency response. Many types of claims can be substantially reduces by having a team of experts on-site quickly to assess the damage and implement a response in order to minimize the liability and loss. We continuously work with carriers, adjustors, and restoration professionals to successfully manage the claim.

Aero-Environmental can respond to a variety of losses on an emergency basis including:

1. Sewage Spill Investigations
2. Post-Fire Investigations for asbestos, PCB’s, dioxins, VOCs
3. Fuel Spill Assessments
4. Water Intrusion from any source leading to fungal growth.


• Insurance work conducted by Certified Professionals
• Coordination with Multiple Parties
• Knowledgeable about Building Materials and Construction
• Knowledgeable about Air, Soil, water Contaminants
• Use of a recognized, certified asbestos, and microbial laboratory



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