Compliance & Permitting

Aero-Environmental’s Compliance and Permitting Services provide our clients with auditing, accessing and procedures to maintain environmental compliance and asociated permits. Aero-Environmental is based in California. California leads the nation in environmental protection laws. California’s environmental regulations are the strongest in the nation and many local municipalities have regulations that exceed those of the State. Aero-Environmental can helps clients avoid fines and penalties with guidance on hazardous materials management, safety standards compliance and water loss prevention.

Professional Services 

  • Comprehensive Environmentally Regulated Materials Surveys
  • Mitigation Design And Bid Document Preparation
  • Specification/Development, RFP Preparation
  • Environmental Permits and/or Regulatory Review
  • Hazardous Waste Permitting & Compliance
  • SB 14 Compliance
  • Employee Training
  • Recordkeeping And Other Requirements
  • ISO 14001 Audit / Compliance / Reporting
  • CUPA Hazardous Material Business Plans / CUPA Services
  • Chemical Inventories

Technical Qualifications

  • Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)


  • Salud para La Gente
  • Pajaro Valley Unified School District
  • City of Marina
  • Plantronics
  • Manning Construction & Development

Phase 1 Site Assesments

We commence all our projects by gaining a thorough understanding of all of our clients’ needs, goals, and project parameters. Our management solution process consists of the following steps:

1. Initial Investigation Phase

We conduct a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of existing conditions including testing, if necessary, in order to determine the exact extent of the conditions present and in order to define an accurate scope of work for each individual situation.

2. Project Design Phase

All of the information and data gathered during the initial phase is used to determine and develop an appropriate course of action for each material of concern. This includes leaving the material intact, or a remedial action such as removal or demolition.

3. Environmental Abatement Management Phase

Our role consists of serving as a single point of contact during an abatement project including scheduling, phasing, on-site project management, regulatory agency interaction, inspections, final clearance and project closeout.

Site Assessment includes:

• Pre-site evaluation through historical record review and owner/operator questionnaires.
• Thorough site inspection through visual inspection of the property.
• Completion of an extensive written site evaluation and report.

The risks associated with acquisition of commercial properties have increased over the last twenty years due to stricter pollution laws. The purchase of contaminated property can lead to costly liability expenses, even if the contamination occurred years before the purchase. The prudent investor must examine potential acquisitions of pollution liability prior to the purchase.

We work on behalf of all parties involved in real estate transactions, buyers, sellers, and lenders. To ensure our work meets the highest standards, we follow the industry-recognized ASTM guidelines. We understand the importance of providing accurate information while facilitating business needs and we strive to identify real environmental concerns.

Aero-Environmental provides assessments for various types of properties including undeveloped land, public buildings, retail/commercial, and industrial. Together with our expertise in asbestos and lead management, we can provide investors with a comprehensive environmental assessment report that will reveal any environmental issues before the property is acquired. Our site assessment inspections and prior use reports exceed ASTM standards and can be designed to meet each lender’s or buyer’s requirements.


• Rapid Turnaround (within two weeks)
• Assessments designed for each specific property
• We service banks, commercial real estate agencies, and insurance firms.
• We will test for asbestos, lead, PCB’s, and soil if required.
• We conduct a thorough regulatory review of all available data.

Transaction Screen Report

A Transaction Screen Process is often used to satisfy the initial environmental inspection requirements of a commercial or residential loan package. This preliminary inspection of the property assesses any environmental concerns.

Transaction Screen includes:

• Completion of owner/ tenant questionnaire
• Site visit and research
• Review of available government records
• Standard historical sources

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