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Savvy businesses depend on Aero-Environmental to help understand and comply with OSHA health and safety standards and with other standards for fire and environmental protection (fire codes, hazardous waste regulations, air quality standards, etc.). Since 2002, Aero-Environmental has helped numerous clients, from big companies to small businesses, prepare for surprise inspections. And when those inspections occur, Aero-Environmental is there, onsite, to help our clients with the OSHA inspections. After an OSHA inspection, Aero-Environmental can help with the abatement process and with contesting citations.


Companies may be inspected by OSHA compliance officers because they belong to a targeted industry, one that has higher than average injury rates or a specific hazard such as hexavalent chromium from welding. Or the inspection could be part of routine random inspections. It could be the result of a workplace accident or because of a complaint. If OSHA discovers compliance or safety violations, the employer will probably have to pay financial penalties, ranging from $500 to millions of dollars.

The Aero-Environmental team of OSHA and regulatory compliance professionals can take the stress out of OSHA inspections, while helping to reduce anxiety in meeting and dealing with the regulators. Whether it is doing a mock OSHA inspection, preparing you before an inspection occurs, being present during an inspection, or assisting with abatement after an inspection, Aero-Environmental can help. We help you to understand the inspection process, understand what OSHA looks for, and identify what OSHA requires from employers like you.

If your company is cited by OSHA because of an inspection, would you know what to do next? Large companies often have in-house people familiar with OSHA’s ways. Small companies usually do not. After a citation, it is imperative that your records, documentation and paperwork be completed by the deadline to avoid OSHA penalties for failure to abate. It can be costly – in time and financial resources – if you do not get the required paperwork to OSHA on time. Aero-Environmental can guide you through the process, whether you are contesting a citation or simply completing the abatement paperwork.


OSHA/Cal-OSHA is not the only regulator likely to visit your facility. Fire inspectors, pollution control regulators from the EPA, Local Pollution Control Agencies, or county environmental agencies may inspect you for compliance with fire codes, hazardous waste and regulated waste management standards, and other environmental or public safety regulations. The Aero-Environmental team of regulatory compliance professionals can help you make sure your facility is in safe condition, your waste is handled correctly and cost-efficiently, and your records are in order. We can train your staff on correct handling and disposal of hazardous waste, including what to look for before signing hazardous waste manifests. We can also provide DOT-required hazardous materials security training.


Are you aware of OSHA regulations requiring exposure monitoring for certain chemicals, job processes and noise? OSHA may require employee exposure monitoring, to ensure employee exposure is below Permissible Exposure Limits and action levels. Employers depend on the Aero-Environmental team of OSHA and regulatory compliance professionals to provide advice on OSHA requirements for monitoring, and to design and perform employee exposure monitoring. We help our customers with industrial hygiene monitoring, so results are understandable, can be interpreted efficiently, and can be used as exposure benchmarks for future monitoring.


Many OSHA standards require that your business have written safety programs in place. Aero-Environmental can help you identify the particular programs that OSHA/Cal OSHA requires you to have in California, and other areas. We create your written safety programs in collaboration with you and your employees, so that your programs are tailored to your specific needs, facilities and operations. After your team provides the details and expertise on your business operations, the Aero-Environmental team puts together the written documentation. Common safety programs include, but are not limited to: Right to Know / Hazard Communication-Hazardous Materials Management Plans Respiratory Protection Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plans Injury and Illness Prevention Programs (I2P2) Process Safety Management Inspections Lead Compliance Plan (LCP) Storm Water Discharge Planning Permit Required Confined Space (PRCS) programs Risk Management Prevention Plans (RMPP) Chemical Hygiene Plans Asbestos Operation and Maintenance Programs

SAFETY AUDITS (Mock OSHA/Environmental Compliance Inspections)

How would you fare in an OSHA inspection? A thorough safety assessment begins with a detailed review of your company’s safety records, safety training, and your facilities. This safety and health compliance audit will identify areas of safe operations, areas in need of improvement and areas that require immediate attention. Aero-Environmental professionals conduct your workplace safety audit with a keen eye for detail, often keener than an OSHA inspector’s. This alerts our clients to issues that OSHA could uncover and cite during an inspection. All safety compliance audits include a final safety report, in electronic or paper format – your choice – that include plain language explanations of any regulatory or compliance issues or areas of concern specific to your business, and guidance on how to correct these safety issues.


Effective safety programs include comprehensive record keeping and documentation. The Aero-Environmental team of OSHA & regulatory compliance professionals can help you to maintain your OSHA 300 log accurately. And we can set up safety and training records that work for you – records that you can easily use and find.

Aero-Environmental has extensive experience in assisting employers in identifying and correcting safety issues. We can help your business, large or small, prevent losses and implement safety programs. Our team can guide your OSHA regulatory and compliance efforts through:

• OSHA compliance audits
• Annual hazardous waste and air quality permit reporting
• Assistance with OSHA inspections
• Assistance with waste reduction
• Environmental self-audits and Green Star Facility applications
• Hazardous waste compliance audits
• OSHA Recordkeeping: help with OSHA 300 log
• SARA – Tier II reporting
• Storm water permits
• Updates on new OSHA regulations that apply to your company

And more…

Look to the Aero-Environmental team of safety professionals to assist you with OSHA and regulatory compliance standards in California.

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